Are your products sold in retail stores?

Our products can be found throughout the U.S. in gourmet markets, candy shops, health food and upscale grocery stores, produce and farm markets, gift stores and other specialty outlets.  For a list of stores in your area please email customerservice@capecodprovisions.com and provide your city, state and zip code.


How should I store chocolate?

Store chocolate in a consistently cool, dark, dry place away from items with strong odors.  Ideal storage temperature is 55 – 70F with a daily temperature fluctuation of less than 5°.  Make sure the product is well wrapped.  Additionally, it is best to place it in a moisture-proof container.  We do not recommend storage in a refrigerator as it is damp and chocolate often absorbs odors of nearby food.


Do you ship chocolate in the summer?

Yes, we ship chocolate year-round.  During the summer months or when shipping to warmer climates chocolate is shipped in an insulated shipping box with reusable cold pack to protect the chocolate in transit.  This keeps the product in good condition for up to two days transit time; therefore, 2nd Day Service may be necessary depending on the delivery location.


Will my purchase be taxed?

Cape Cod Provisions is located in Massachusetts, where food items are not taxed.


Do your products contain nuts?

Nuts are direct ingredients in many of our products.   Since nuts are in the facility, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are entirely free of trace amounts of nuts. 


Do your products contain soy?

Yes.  Soy lecithin is an ingredient in the chocolate used for our products.   It is an emulsifier that keeps the cocoa and cocoa butter in chocolate from separating.


Are any of your chocolates sugar free?

No, all of our product contain sugar in the chocolate and in the fruit.


Are your products gluten free?

Our chocolate products are not manufactured with ingredients that contain gluten; however, they are manufactured in a facility that processes some gluten products.  Because of this we cannot guarantee that any of our products are entirely free of trace amounts of gluten.


Are your products dairy free?

No.  All of our confections contain some form of milk.


Are your products Kosher?

Cranberry Bog Frogs® and Blueberry Patch Frogs™ are Kosher certified.


Does chocolate have caffeine?

Yes.  Chocolate provides a very small amount of caffeine compared to other foods.  On average, 1oz of milk chocolate contains about 6 milligrams of caffeine; dark chocolate contains about 20 milligrams.

What is ganache?

Ganache is a dense mixture of chocolate and cream.  Our truffles are filled with a white chocolate ganache that allows the flavors to shine. 

Why does chocolate sometimes have a white, powdery surface?

When chocolate has a thin, whitish, powdery film on the surface, this is called chocolate “bloom”.  There are two types of bloom common to chocolate, sugar bloom and fat bloom.  Proper storage prevents both.

Sugar bloom is caused by moisture coming in contact with the chocolate, either from overly humid storage conditions or from a quick change in temperature resulting in moisture condensation on the surface of the chocolate.  The moisture dissolves the sugar in the chocolate surface.  Once the moisture evaporates, sugar crystals remain on the surface.  Although less appealing visually and possibly a slight grainy texture to the surface, the chocolate is still edible. 

Fat bloom most commonly occurs when chocolate is exposed to high temperatures (above 75F).  The cocoa butter in the chocolate changes from solid to liquid and migrates toward the surface of the chocolate.  With subsequent cooling the liquid cocoa butter hardens into crystals, leaving whitish dots or a thin whitish film on the surface of the chocolate.  If the blooming is excessive, it will cause the chocolate to taste dry and chalky throughout. 

Our products are in excellent condition when shipped from our facility.  We ensure that our storage conditions are ideal and that the transportation methods and packaging employed are always appropriate for the current weather conditions.  Although product purchased by distributors and retailers includes storage instructions on the case labels, we cannot guarantee the same care will be taken.  If you do purchase a product that has bloomed, please notify us by email customerservice@capecodprovisions.com or phone (508-564-5840) and provide the name of the store, city and state where the chocolate was purchased.


Can I purchase products for a wedding, special event or corporate gifts?

Yes.  You can purchase products online in full case quantities at 10% savings. For large events, please contact us at customerservice@capecodprovisions.com to see if your event qualifies for corporate pricing.


I am interested in selling Harvest Sweets®, Cape Cod Cranberry Candy™, Sweet Cravings® and New England @ Heart™. How can I get wholesale pricing?

If you have a business that sells or utilizes specialty food products and a state sales tax ID (resale certificate).

  • Request a Wholesale Catalog.
  • Complete the Wholesale Registration Form for online wholesale ordering.


I am interested in wholesaling, what is the next step?

We would love to hear from you. Please visit our wholesale registration page and fill out the form.