Why Cape Cod Provisions?

Packaging – The Presentation

Eye-catching packaging with unique, appealing graphics

Packaging suited for both gift giving and personal consumption

Excellent gift basket and gift packer components

Pick your brand to suit your needs: our products are offered through multiple channels, allowing for customers to choose what brand would best fit their own themes

Product/Flavor – The Flavor Experience

High quality ingredients resulting in excellent taste sensations

A mix of classic, unique, and trendy flavor combinations

Made in USA (stated on back of package)

Fun, unique products like Cranberry Bog Frogs®, homemade almond macaroons, and gooey brownie truffles

Truffles have a white chocolate ganache center, allowing fresher, fuller flavors

Marketing/Branding – Boosting Your Sales

Brand names that promote the product

Free merchandising signs and a sample program for in-store tastings

Trade show, seasonal and other promotions throughout the year

Most products also available in bulk

Seasonal packaging & floor display shippers available for many products

Cranberries associated with Fall & Christmas holidays, the largest gourmet candy season

Customer Service – We Take Care (of you)

Quick order turnaround – wholesale orders typically ship the same day if received by noon Eastern Standard Time

Responsive customer service and a real person answering the phone

We're open to the many possibilities our customers have to offer; name something and we'll work together to make it happen